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About us

Think of us as your resource for public marketing insights from high-level reports to deck-ready charts.

Innoracle is the most complete search engine to find public charts and reports about Innovation, Media and Marketing.

The Problem

As marketers, we rely on data, analysis, and insights to stay informed and stack up against competitors. According to a McKinsey report, employees spend about 20% of their time searching and gathering information. Part of this time is surely lost in searching on Google or Bing market researches that are outdated, expensive or that have the only aim to collect employee data.

The Solution

We search and select only the best Sources who can provide insight and up-to-date strategies about Innovation, Media and Marketing. We analyze, index, classify thousands of public reports and charts and provide only a hand-picked selection so that it's easier to find what you're looking for. With our advanced search, you can go deeper quickly, save time & money and cut noise to Inspire and Guide your next Strategy.

Product Overview

  • Advanced search engine able to search text inside images and reports.
  • Filter by Topic, Country, Source and Publishing date.
  • Get recommendations based on your interests.
  • Save Charts and Report to libraries and share them by custom links.

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About the Founder

Luca Libonati

Main Working Experiences
  • Marketing Director @ Miele Italy.
  • Head of Digital Strategic Marketing @ Mondadori.
  • Search and Local Marketing Director @ Italiaonline.

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